Our Story

Tech for Folks focuses on bringing out the best and most valuable technology information with an aim to simplify technology and present it before visitors.

Behind the Idea (Founder)

Arghyadeep, a B.tech Civil Engineer, apart from being a Civil Engineer since childhood, he has been very much a tech enthusiast. Whether it is to root an Android device or learning about Internet Security he spends a lot of his spare time on it. 


He had first installed a Custom Rom on his own Android Device when he was in the 11th grade and a Dual Boot on his laptop (Windows + Linux) in the following year. Even since he has been a tech geek.

Meet Our Editor (Co-founder)

A blog is incomplete without an editor. And what could be more interesting when you have a Co-founder who is an editor as well? Meet Minal, our Co-founder and Editor.


Minal is qualified in Business Administration and a banker by profession but is passionate about digital marketing and content work.


Apart from being a banker she is an excellent content editor as well. She already has some blogging experience as she used to write her own blogs. Minal adds all the toppings that make the content more appealing and easy to read for the readers.

Say Hello to Our Subject Matter Expert!

Users need technical support in their daily level activities. Our Subject Matter Expert, Pranay, specializes where there is a requirement of trial and error and involves manual testing.


Pranay is a qualified System Analyst and also a Post Graduate in Computer Science, he acts as a catalyst to enhance operational efficiency and increase productivity. 


With an agile, hands-on approach, Pranay works to decipher core problems, then design, build and execute experiences that solves them with ease and empathy.

A Small Back Story of Tech for Folks

Lately it has been found that a large number of users have very little knowledge on Internet Security & Privacy. While installing an app or giving permission to a website popup, most of them just click on the OK button continuously until they reach “Done”. They never realize what permissions they are giving to that specific program or website. After seeing this, Arghyadeep & Minal always thought that verbally they can explain these issues only to a bunch of people but  what about the others?


So both of them decided to create Tech for Folks, a tech blog where they can express all of their gathered experience not only on Internet Security & Privacy but also other aspects that are associated with tech, in a very simple and understandable way.


This may help others to know more about Internet Security & Privacy and other Tech Topics as well.

The Bottom Line

Arghyadeep, Pranay & Minal love to deliver what is unknown to many, from Mobile Phones to Computers, from Web Browsers to Internet Security & Privacy, everything that is associated with technology. 


While Arghyadeep & Pranay research and write the main content, Minal focuses on making it easy to read and adding the last few missing blocks of the puzzle. 


Together they have a motto to spread tech awareness by doing in-depth research, trying and testing the facts and then serving on users screens the simplicity of technology with a polished touch.


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